Lawn, Tree & Landscape Tips for Central NJ & Eastern PA

Controlling Eastern Tent Caterpillars in Your NJ Landscape

Close-up of two eastern tent caterpillars, destructive pests in New Jersey and Pennsylvania

If your trees have “tents” in the branches and are losing leaves, it’s probably the Eastern tent caterpillar. Learn how to identify and control this pest.

Best Trees & Shrubs For Winter Interest

Shrubs with green, yellow, and red foliage covered in a light snow

While you can’t change the weather, you can make sure your winter landscape still catches your eye. How? By planting these shrubs and trees with striking bark and branches, winter fruit, early flowers, and attractive deciduous forms!

Is Your Tree Dangerous? How to Identify Potential Safety Hazards

yellow tape with the word "caution" in front of grass and trees

Often, a tree’s internal damage can’t be fully evaluated from the outside, and the behavior of a declining tree can’t be predicted. Learn to identify signs of serious damage to help prevent your trees from becoming a hazard.

What is Stripping the Bark Off My Trees in Winter?

bark stripped off of a tree in the Central New Jersey area

We share details on the rodents and other critters that eat or tear bark off trees in winter (some also eat tree roots), which trees they prefer, and how to prevent winter tree damage from these pesky varmints.

What is a Burl?

blog burl

We cover what a burl is, what it’s made out of, how it’s formed, which trees are more likely to grow burls, and what you should (and shouldn’t!) do if you find a burl in one of your trees.

Witches’ Broom in Trees: What, Why & What To Do

witches' broom in pine tree

What is a witches’ broom, what causes it, and what should you do if there’s one in your tree? Learn about these abnormal clusters of twigs and if they’re harmful for your tree’s health.

Best Shrubs & Trees To Use For Privacy Hedges & Screening

hedge for privacy

Although there are many choices, there are some shrubs and trees that work better than others as a hedge, windbreak or privacy screen. Here are our top recommendations for homeowners in central New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania.

Facts About Spotted Lanternfly In New Jersey & Pennsylvania

spotted lanternfly

Spotted lanternfly is a destructive, invasive pest that has recently spread from Pennsylvania into New Jersey where it’s damaging crops, trees, fruit, herbs and more. Learn how to identify and report it, your treatment options and why removing Tree of Heaven is a good idea.

My Evergreen Is Losing Its Needles! Is That Normal?

pinecones and pine needles on the ground in fall

This fall, have you noticed evergreen needles (from trees like pine, spruce, fir, yew or arborvitae) turning yellow and/or falling to the ground? What does it mean? Why is it happening? Should you be concerned? Find the answers in this Q&A.

Dealing With Thatch Buildup in Lawns

raking up thatch on a lawn

Thatch is one of those turfgrass issues where a little is good for the lawn, but too much causes problems. A thin layer of thatch actually helps reduce wear and tear and can increase the life of your lawn. But when thatch is allowed to build up to more than ½-inch thick, it provides a…

Soil Conditioner (Compost Tea) Builds Soil Health For Better Plants

compost tea in a tank truck from Organic Plant Care LLC in Flemington NJ

Healthy soil is necessary to grow healthy plants. It really is that simple. And applying a soil conditioner, such as compost tea, can make it much easier to build soil health.

Protecting Yourself From Mosquitoes in New Jersey & Pennsylvania

tiger mosquito sucking blood

Few things turn an outdoor gathering from memorable to miserable faster than pesky – and disease-carrying – mosquitoes. Learn the things you can do to minimize the risk of mosquito bites, and how we can help.


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