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Organic Grub Control

lawn grubs

Early fall marks a peak feeding time for grubs as they fatten up before winter.  Once soil temperatures drop, grubs dig in, heading 4 to 8 inches below ground, where whey’ll stay snug until spring.  That means late summer/early fall — before temperatures tumble — is a key time to go after grubs, and as a result you can help prevent some of the most common lawn problems before they start.

In spring, when grubs emerge from soil, they don’t feed much, making spring grub control less effective but still important. Lawn damage you see in spring actually occurred the previous fall, which makes fall control even more important.

For effective grub and lawn pest control, the best defense is healthy, dense grass to combat a myriad of pest pressures, especially grub damage. Through regular monitoring, when populations exceed damaging thresholds, Organic Plant Care uses organic cedar oil or Btg (Bacillus thuringiensis galleriae) to control grubs at their most vulnerable stage. Our products are OMRI-approved (Organic Materials Review Institute) and safe for people and pets, as well as for beneficial insects.

We have proven results: lush, dense lawns that are beautiful, safe & organic!


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