With temperatures often below freezing, don't forget to apply anti-desiccant treatments to broadleaf evergreens. Other winter tasks include applying repellent to valuable shrubs to stop hungry deer from browsing and pruning vulnerable trees to protect them from snow and ice.

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Organic Tree, Shrub & Lawn Services

We believe that there's a better way to care for your valuable trees, shrubs, and landscape than traditional chemical methods.

Protect the safety, value, and beauty of your ornamental trees, shrubs, lawn, and landscape with organic fertilization, expert pruning, and effective pest and disease management.

Pruning & Trimming for Shrubs & Small Trees

Many ornamental trees and shrubs need pruning to keep them structurally sound, vigorous, and aesthetically appealing. The key is to do it properly and at the right time so you can enjoy their beauty for years to come.

Insect Pests & Disease Management

Keep your trees, shrubs, and landscape plants healthy and looking their best with our safe and effective pest and disease treatments and prevention plans. Integrated Pest Management, organic treatments, no-spray applications.

Organic Lawn Care

Walk barefoot, play ball, and entertain with confidence on your lush, chemical-free organic lawn. Organic fertilization, weed control, core aeration, and more.

Organic Tick & Mosquito Control

Reduce the risk of Lyme disease and enjoy your yard without worrying about deer ticks. We use safe, effective, non-toxic treatments to control ticks & mosquitoes.

Organic Fertilization

We'll help you grow healthy lawns, shrubs, & trees from the “ground up” with balanced, nutrient-rich, biologically active soil.

Complete Care For Your Ornamental Trees, Shrubs & Lawn


Serving Central New Jersey and Bucks County, PA

Hunterdon, Morris, Somerset & Union Counties in NJ - Bucks County in PA

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Organic Lawn & Landscape Resources

Keeping you up-to-date on organic lawn, shrub, tree and other landscape care issues in central NJ and eastern PA.

We’ve joined forces with SavATree!

I’ve got some big news! I’m excited to share that Organic Plant Care has teamed up with SavATree, a national leader in tree, shrub, and lawn care. This new partnership allows us to expand our services using industry-leading, science-backed programs to keep your property healthy, beautiful, and thriving. As we work to expand our offerings,…

A pair of hands wring a porous bag of compost into a compost tea bucket full of brown, nutrient-rich water.

What Are Compost Teas and How Can They Benefit Pennsylvania Trees?

Discover the magic of compost teas! Learn how this organic concoction can boost the health and growth of Pennsylvania’s majestic trees.

A northern cardinal rests on a branch in front of ornamental grasses covered with snow.

7 Ways Your NJ or PA Property Can Help Non-Migrating Birds in the Winter

Some birds migrate south for the winter, but others stay in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and other northern states. Learn how you can help our feathered friends weather the cold by maintaining a property that benefits non-migrating birds and other wildlife.

Three red ladybugs with black spots crawl on a crooked tree branch among white apple blossoms.

5 Beneficial Insects That Control Pests Organically

Discover five insect allies that can protect your New Jersey and Pennsylvania plants organically! Learn about these amazing beneficials now.

A green boxwood shrub with leaves displaying yellowing and the distinctive “cupping” associated with a boxwood psyllid infestation.

Boxwood Psyllids: Recognizing and Controlling an Infestation

Are your boxwood’s leaves yellowing and curling? It could be due to an infestation of boxwood psyllids, an insect pest that’s prevalent in NJ and PA. Learn how to identify, treat, and prevent damage from this boxwood pest.

A honeybee pollinates an orange cornflower or Rudbeckie fulgida.

Benefits of Honeybees in an Organic Landscape

We count on honeybees to pollinate our crops and provide us with honey and other products. Unfortunately, their populations are under threat. However, saving this helpful bee is easier than you might think.

Our Service Area

We provide complete tree, shrub, and lawn care services for Hunterdon, Morris, Somerset, and Union Counties in New Jersey, including Oldwick, Far Hills, Chester, Watchung, Summit, and more.

In Pennsylvania, we cover Bucks County, including New Hope, Newtown, Doylestown, Pipersville, Solebury, and other towns within the county.