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To help you find exactly what you need, we've organized our resource pages and blog posts by topic. Just click on the topic of interest below and you'll be taken right to all the information we have about it! Or, if you'd like to scroll through all of our articles, click here.

We answer all of your questions about beneficial insects in your garden, including what they do, the different types, how to attract them, their many benefits, and what not to do if you want to get these incredible insects to come over to your house.
Our area is home to many damaging insects, pests, and diseases that injure, deform, and kill trees and shrubs. Learn about the common tree and shrub problems, what to look out for, the trees or shrubs that are typically affected, and available treatment or control options.
We cover a wide variety of harmful insects and other pests that damage lawns and sod. Learn how to identify the signs and symptoms that indicate the presence of specific pests, and how to control them to minimize damage to your property.
In this section, you'll find everything from the best trees for specific conditions to DIY tree care techniques, common tree problems, seasonal issues, how to reduce tree hazards, and much more.
Thatch, clover, mushrooms, grubs, weeds, brown spots - what causes them and what should you do? We share details on common lawn issues, fertilization options, turf types, mowing techniques & overall lawn care.
Each season brings new things to see and do in your yard. The information on this page is broken out by season so you can quickly see what's happening and what to do in spring, summer, autumn, and winter.
Few things can ruin a day outdoors as quickly as a buzzing mosquito or discovering a tick embedded on a family member or pet. Learn the things you can do to minimize the risk of tick and mosquito bites, how to maintain your property to reduce their populations, and what kind of control options you have.
Healthy soil builds healthy plants - it's as simple as that. Without the nutrients, biological activity, moisture, and soil structure to support vigorous plant growth, trees, shrubs and lawns will yellow, wither, and die. Learn how to build and amend your soil organically for a beautiful and healthy landscape.
We're proud to serve and support the many communities in and around Bucks County and central New Jersey. See what we've been up to in our local area, new faces at OPC, new certifications and training, and other things we're doing to provide the best possible tree care services for you!