Organic Tree & Shrub Fertilization

For Healthy, Vigorous Trees and Shrubs

Just like your lawn or flowers, trees and shrubs in our urban or suburban landscape also need to be fertilized for optimum health. The soil around our homes, parks and offices generally isn't as healthy as what's normally found in nature - so we need to give it a little extra boost to help our plants thrive.

We recommend using our annual fertilization and soil conditioner program to grow healthy trees and shrubs, supplemented by Deep Root Fertilization every few years (and especially during times of drought or high stress for your trees and shrubs).


We have proven results: healthy, colorful trees and shrubs that are beautiful, safe & organic!

Tree & Shrub Fertilization

Deep Root Fertilization / Plant & Soil Biotics

This special fertilization process involves using pressure to "inject" fertilizer deep into the root zone of trees and shrubs where it can be most readily taken up by the plant. The fertilizer consists of soil conditioner that's brimming with living beneficial bacteria and fungi to fortify soil life and increase organic matter. It's mixed with fish hydrosolate, sea kelp, humates and beneficial root fungi to promote plant health.

Timing: Two applications - April and September

Learn more about deep root fertilization and see it in action >>

Tree & Shrub Fertilization

Fertilizer & Soil Conditioner

We treat your trees and shrubs by applying a granular, organic fertilizer to stimulate plant health and vigor. That's followed with liquid soil conditioner that's brimming with beneficial organisms to improve soil health and increase plant growth, contributing to healthier, greener, and more vigorous plants.

Timing: Two applications - April and September

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We enjoy knowing our yard is organic for us, the dogs and our honeybees. Bill and his team are the best – great people to work with.

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Holly Hilzinger
March 6, 2016

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