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Pest & Disease Management for Healthy Trees & Shrubs

Keep Shrubs and Trees Pest- and Disease-Free

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is part of a well-developed Plant Health Care (PHC) program. It involves regular monitoring, anticipation, proper pest identification, establishment of tolerable damage thresholds, and targeted biological and alternative pesticide treatments, when necessary, to keep insect and disease problems under control.

Our PHC technicians are trained not only to identify pests and diseases, but also to locate and identify beneficial predators and pollinators within the landscape at their various growth stages.

Our goal isn’t to exterminate every pest, but rather to keep populations below a level of esthetic and economical damage that you can live with. With some prey in the landscape, beneficial predators will be enticed to stay and dine.

Call us today at 908-309-6611 to schedule a complimentary assessment of your landscape.  Our pest and disease experts will provide you with a program and estimate customized to treat your specific trees and shrubs.

Pest & Disease Management

Disease Management Program

Do you have trees or shrubs that are prone to fungal leaf diseases, such as anthracnose, rust, scab and canker? Plants that typically have problems include apple, boxwoods, crabapple, dogwood, hawthorn, laurel, pachysandra, rose, rhododendron, serviceberry and others.

Our Disease Management Program uses 3 treatments with a foliar and trunk application of bio-organic fungicide to suppress diseases. Treatments usually occur in mid/late-April, early May and late May/early June.

Pest & Disease Management

Integrated Pest & Disease Management Programs

This program is ideal for properties with a moderate level of tree and shrub diversity, where there is evidence of insect and disease pressure. 

All vulnerable shrubs and trees under 20' in height are treated with our safe, organic products. These highly effective treatments are used to suppress common plant diseases, such as anthracnose, rust, scab and canker, as well as damaging insects like caterpillars, spider mites, scale, lacebug, aphids, whitefly and bagworm.

The timing and frequency of treatments depends on the diversity of plantings and the disease and pest issues on your property. Generally, the first treatment occurs in April with additional applications running through the end of summer.

Our technicians regularly inspect and monitor your property, anticipate and diagnose pest and disease problems, and as necessary apply the appropriate organic treatment(s) targeted for the specific pest. Following each visit, they'll leave a summary of findings and outcomes for your review.


Why Us?

As an owner-run company, we offer personalized, consistent service and technicians who know the history of your property season after season.

If you value the benefits of organic treatments, we're the right choice. We use effective and safe organic treatments to suppress problems while encouraging beneficial insects and maintaining ecological balance.

Complimentary Pest & Disease Management Quote

Click to get started with your organic pest and disease management program or give us a call at 908-309-6611.

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Keep your trees and shrubs
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Pest & Disease Resources

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