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Comprehensive Soil Analysis & Interpretation For Your Lawn

Creating soil conditions conducive to growing grass versus weeds is the first step to a beautiful lawn. We offer a professional 22-point lab analysis of your soil that detects levels and ratios of micro and macronutrients, cation exchange capacity, pH and organic matter percentage. We pull numerous soil core samples from throughout your property to assure a representative profile. The results provide baseline information and strategies for all aspects of landscape management including fertilizer, soil amendments, over-seeding, core aeration, weed, crabgrass, insect, grub and disease management.

Without a proper soil analysis, blindly applying lime, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium annually can lead to an overload or imbalance of nutrients. And the old saying, “if some is good, more is better” can be detrimental to your lawn and the environment.


Excess fertilizer runoff causes eutrophication of our waterways

Homeowners and landscape contractors both need to be aware of the new fertilizer law which govern the application of phosphorus and nitrogen in the state of New Jersey. This law is meant to reduce the high levels of eutrophication currently affecting the quality of many our coastal and fresh water bodies.

Currently, phosphorus may not be applied unless a soil analysis indicates a deficiency. Nitrogen is restricted to per application and total season amounts, of which a minimum of 20% must be slow-release, meaning water insoluble. These regulations also require certification and training for commercial landscapers, and create “black-out” periods for both homeowners and contractors when neither nitrogen nor phosphorus may be applied. All of our staff are either certified or trained as required by the 2011 New Jersey Fertilizer law.

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