Fertilization for Trees, Shrubs & Lawns

Do Plants Really Need Fertilization?

In our typical urban and suburban landscape, most plants (including trees, shrubs, lawns, flowers and vegetables) will benefit from proper fertilization. Often, the right kinds and amounts of nutrients are missing from soils, as is the necessary soil biology. This is particularly true in properties that have been maintained with synthetic fertilizers in the past.

The first step - before using any type of fertilizer - should be a complete soil test and analysis to determine the nutrient profile and structure of your soil.

What Kind of Fertilizer Is Best?

Fertilizers of any kind generally should not be used until a soil test is done to determine any deficiencies or imbalances. That allows you to choose the best type of fertilizer (or combination of fertilizers) for your property.

Our high-quality, slow-release organic fertilizers provide steady availability of nutrients versus spoon-fed, quick-release synthetic fertilizers that need to be applied more frequently.

Organic fertilizers come in both granular and liquid form. When granular fertilizers are used, we often water them in with a liquid soil conditioner that provides even more nutrients and biological ingredients.

Our Fertilization Programs

Our customized fertilization programs are designed to meet the specific needs of different plants and environments. Click the button below to learn more about the fertilization program that's right for you.

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"OPC did organic fertilization for us. Honest fair hard-working nice people helping me with a good product that is environmentally sound? Can't get much better, right? 🙂 No need for pesticides to keep our lawn healthy, attractive and nicely managed."

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