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Stop Deer From Eating Your Shrubs

deer browsing

Protect your valuable shrubs from deer browsing

Though beautiful, deer can ruin your shrubs almost overnight.

Organic Deer Repellent Service

If the cost of fencing is prohibitive and you’re tired of limiting your landscaping to the short list of deer-resistant shrubs, Organic Plant Care LLC offers monthly organic treatments that are both economical and effective.

We use several different products to keep deer away from your shrubs, and rotate them so deer don’t get used to the smell or texture. This gives your shrubs maximum protection against deer browsing.

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Winter protection from deer browsing

Deer browsing damage is worse during winter when food is scarce

Apply Repellent Before Winter Arrives

Winter, when food sources are scarce, is when your valuable shrubs and trees are especially vulnerable.  For example, with extended single digit temperatures and twice the average snowfall, the 2014 winter season saw some of the most severe deer browsing damage ever in unprotected shrubs and ornamental trees.

While deer repellent can (and should) be applied year-round, if you want to protect your shrubs during the winter (when deer browsing is at its worst), then you’ll need to apply deer repellent before winter arrives.

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