Organic Lawn Fertilization Service

For Lush Green Lawns

Grass needs nitrogen annually, as well as a balanced supply of other nutrients in order to thrive.

Our high-quality organic lawn fertilizer and soil conditioner supply those needs in a slow release manner, providing steady availability of nutrients versus spoon-fed, quick release synthetic fertilizers.

With the right organic treatments, applied at the right times, it IS possible to have a great-looking AND organic lawn.


We have proven results: lush, dense lawns that are beautiful, safe & organic!

Lawn Fertilization

Organic Green-Up

This organic fertilizer application is used to maintain soil fertility and promote a lush green lawn. For maximum results, we recommend that each granular fertilizer application should be "watered in" with an application of our liquid soil conditioner.

Timing: Two applications - June and September

Lawn Fertilization

Soil Conditioner for Lawns

We treat your lawn with a special liquid application that's brimming with living beneficial bacteria and fungi to stimulate plant growth. It increases organic matter in the soil and improves nutrient retention, both of which contribute to healthier, greener, more drought- and heat-tolerant grass.

Timing: Three applications - April, June and September

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What Our Clients Say

We enjoy knowing our yard is organic for us, the dogs and our honeybees. Bill and his team are the best – great people to work with.

5 star rating

Holly Hilzinger
March 6, 2016

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