Organic Shrub Care

The shrubs in your landscape can create privacy, improve curb appeal and add to the value of your property - if they're healthy.

We offer a range of shrub care services for customers in Bucks County, PA and Hunterdon, Somerset, Morris, and parts of Union counties in New Jersey.

As an owner-run company, we offer personalized, consistent service and technicians who know the history of your property season after season. Effective and safe organic treatments are almost always available to suppress problems while encouraging beneficial insects and maintaining ecological balance.


We have proven results: healthy, lush, green shrubs that are beautiful, safe & organic!

Shrub Care

Weed Control for Shrub Beds

Application of an organic selective herbicide that affects weeds but not your shrubs.
Provides effective control for a broad range of weeds, including dandelion, plantain, clover and thistle.
Our Weed Control For Shrub Beds program involves three applications - May, June and July.

Shrub Care

Disease & Insect Management for Shrubs

Suppression of common plant diseases, such as anthracnose, rust, scab and canker, as well as damaging insects like Japanese beetles, boxwood leafminer, lace bugs and scale.

Application timing and frequency depends on what we're treating but the first treatment usually occurs in April with additional applications running through the end of summer.

Shrub Care

Deer Repellent

Protect your vulnerable shrubs with a highly effective deer repellent spray.

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Shrub Care

Winter Shrub Protection

Some broadleaf evergreens, such as Rhododendrons, Andromeda, Hollies and Laurels are susceptible to winter injury from desiccation. Treat them with a safe, non-toxic spray in late fall (usually in November) to avoid brown, shriveled leaves and dead shrubs. 

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