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organic grass - lawn careWhy Use Organic Lawn Care Services?

Simply put, it works. Plus, it's safer for your family, your pets and the environment.

Organic turf management and organic lawn care involve looking at your landscape as a total system rather than just applying a bunch of products.

It begins with proper understanding of your soil, use of natural, organic products as indicated by a good soil analysis, and the use of simple cultural practices, such as increasing your mowing height, selecting the right grass seed and watering properly.

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We offer a variety of solutions for organic grass care and grass maintenance. As an organic lawn care company, we specialize in lawn care service, lawn maintenance and organic lawn treatment to address weed, pest and disease issues.

If You're Switching to Organic Lawn Care ...

The first step in our organic lawn program is to perform a comprehensive soil analysis. In fact, we conduct this test before we even present you with a proposal because the results will determine what needs to be done with your lawn. The $150 cost of the soil test and interpretation is refunded if you choose to accept the program quoted in our proposal.

For details on what's involved in "going organic" with your lawn, please read our article on 'What Is Organic Lawn Care & How Does It Work?'

Using our proven organic system will give you the results you want - a lush, dense, green lawn, without harmful chemicals.

Lawn Care Services

Comprehensive Soil Analysis & Interpretation

Test soil for a variety of organisms and nutrients. Includes a comprehensive soil management report and strategy to sustain soil health and fertility.

Lawn Care Services

Organic Green-Up Fertilization & Soil Conditioner

Stimulate lawn health and vigor, maintain soil fertility and promote lush green grass.

Lawn Care Services

Weed Suppression & Organic Pre-Emergent Treatment

Control a broad range of weeds, including bittercress, chickweed, cinquefoil, crabgrass, dandelion, goosegrass, plantain, thistle and violet.

Lawn Care Services

Core Aeration & Over-Seeding

Reduce soil compaction and allow oxygen, water and nutrients to penetrate into the soil. Over-seed with tall fescue to improve lawn density and appearance.

Lawn Care Services

Organic Grub Control

Soil application of biological nematodes to suppress white grubs and other soil-dwelling larvae.

Lawn Care Services

Pest Management for Lawns

Lawn application of non-organic material to suppress white grubs, bluegrass weevil, billbugs, chinch bugs and turf caterpillars.

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Lawn Care Services

Our 4-Step Lawn Care Process

This simple four-step process will help build a thick, healthy lawn that’s safe and free of dangerous pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

  1. Soil Testing

    Turfgrass roots need the proper pH and an ample supply of macronutrients and trace minerals. Without soil testing, you don’t know which nutrients and minerals may be lacking. Many people simply fertilize their lawn according to a prescribed timeline – but unless you’ve done a professional soil test, it’s likely that you’re applying unnecessary chemicals or not enough of the ones that your lawn needs.

  2. Lawn Fertilization & Amendment

    This step addresses the nutrient and mineral needs of plants uncovered by the soil test. Slow release organic fertilizers work with soil microbes to provide ongoing nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium requirements. Occasional supplementation is necessary to balance the ratios of specific minerals to keep them from being “locked up” and unavailable for plant use.

  3. Building Organic Matter and a Healthy Soil Food Web

    Once the nutrient and mineral needs of your lawn have been dealt with, it’s time to build the organic matter in your soil. Healthy populations of soil microbes are responsible for converting, storing and releasing nutrients in plant-available form when and where turf and plant roots require them. We use a special soil conditioner blend to build healthy soil that will keep your lawn looking its best.

  4. Core Aeration and Overseeding

    Autumn is the perfect time of year to grow grass with less weed competition. Since cool-season grasses grow best in 60-75 degrees Fahrenheit, late summer to early fall is the ideal time to aerate your lawn and overseed. We don’t generally recommend aeration in the spring as it brings weed seeds to the surface, allowing them to germinate and compete with young grass.

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