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Organic Lawn Care Program

OPC organic lawn care -BEFORE

One of our client’s front lawn prior to our organic lawn care program

We all love our green grass — we love to play in it, walk barefoot in it, sit back in a comfortable chair and enjoy it — and, we certainly want to feel safe doing it!

Endless research shows the negative impacts of lawn chemicals on both human health and the health of our environment. The reasons to go organic and use an organic lawn care service are obvious and the road is relatively simple.

Our 6-Step Organic Lawn Program

OPC organic lawn care - AFTER

Same property after

We offer a variety of solutions for organic grass care and grass maintenance. As an organic lawn care company, we specialize in lawn care service, lawn maintenance, lawn treatment, yard treatment, and yard service for central New Jersey and Bucks County, PA. And it all starts with a thorough soil analysis and interpretation.

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  1. Comprehensive Soil Analysis & Interpretation For Your Lawn
  2. Organic Green-Up Fertilization — 3 annual applications
  3. Compost Tea Service for Lawns — 3 annual applications
  4. Core-Aeration, Overseeding & Slit Seeding
  5. Organic Grub Control
  6. Weed Suppression & Pre-Emergent Treatment

Using our proven organic system will give you the results you want – a lush, dense, green lawn, without harmful chemicals.

Safe, Organic New Jersey & PA Lawn Care

Grow a Beautiful Lawn Without Harmful Chemicals
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Signs of a Healthy Lawn

Organic chemical-free lawn

Organic chemical-free lawn

Healthy lawns, as with all organic land care, start with the soil. Organic lawns have far greater numbers of soil bacteria and fungi. You can’t see them (and they’re harmless to you) but they’re nature’s decomposers, responsible for breaking down organic matter. In fact, one teaspoon of biologically active (healthy) soil contains several hundred billions of bacteria, fungi and other decomposers.

That’s why you are more likely to see thatch build up in synthetically treated lawns, which are typically lacking in good soil biology.

Another sign of a healthy lawn is an abundant population of earthworms that happily consume grass cuttings and leaves. Earthworms convert this into nutrient-rich castings and help to aerate and break up compacted soil in the process.

>> Do you have clover in your lawn? Find out what it means and what to do (or not do) about it – click here for details.

Why Organic Lawn Care Works So Well

Organic turf management and organic lawn care involve looking at your landscape as a total system rather than just applying a bunch of products.

It begins with proper understanding of your soil, use of natural, organic products as indicated by a good soil analysis, and the use of simple cultural practices, such as increasing your mowing height, selecting the right grass seed and watering properly.

See our lawn care tips for a list of healthy lawn practices.

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