Tree Care Consultations

Tree Inventory & Appraisal

The trees and shrubs in your landscape are as much of an investment as the sticks and bricks in your home and can add substantial value and enjoyment to your property.

Careful inspections by our certified tree experts and horticulturists will reveal insect, disease, structural and cultural problems and allow us to recommend an appropriate corrective action plan.

hazardous tree

Hazardous Tree Assessment To Keep You Safe

Without proper care, hazardous trees can cause thousands of dollars in damage to your home. Every 2-4 years we recommend having the valuable trees in your landscape inspected by a professional arborist. Our arborists and certified tree experts are trained to detect signs of insect damage, disease, and environmental stress, and to identify potentially dangerous structural defects. Organic Plant Care LLC will provide you with a detailed written report of findings and recommended action plan, if warranted.

Pre-Construction Landscape Consultation


Protect your trees during construction from machinery damage and soil compaction.

To avoid possible damage to your valuable trees, call us during the design phase of your construction project. We can do a preconstruction evaluation to advise you on how the placement of a walkway, patio or building addition will impact your trees, and provide possible alternatives where appropriate. Often we will recommend deep root fertilization a year prior to construction to promote maximum health and offset potential construction damage.

Before you fill or cut around a tree consider the damage you may be doing to the root system. Trees near construction projects are vulnerable to root abbreviation, damage and soil compaction that can result in plant death. A good rule of thumb to avoid problems is to prohibit machinery and excavation underneath the crown of the tree.

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Tree & Shrub Care Services

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Tree Care Consultations