Winter Shrub Protection

Protect Shrubs From Winter Weather With Anti-Desiccant Treatments


Some broadleaf evergreens, such as Rhododendrons, Andromeda, Hollies and Laurels are susceptible to winter injury from desiccation.

All shrubs transpire (or give off water vapor) during the summer, but evergreens loose moisture during the winter too. This leaves them vulnerable to excessive moisture loss during the cold, wind and dryness of winter.

The end result is that the evergreen leaves shrivel up, turn brown, and die. In severe cases, the entire shrub can die from desiccation.

Shrub Treatment

To prevent this problem from happening, Organic Plant Care uses an anti-desiccant spray, called Vapor Guard, to protect broadleaf evergreens.

This safe, non-toxic spray is applied in late fall before the weather gets too cold – usually in November. A second treatment can sometimes be applied in January if we have warm enough weather. We keep an eye on the temperature and mobilize our crews if it looks like we’ll have a break in the weather.

Other Protection Options

For shrubs that are in particularly windy or exposed locations, you’ll probably want to wrap them in burlap or provide some other type of screening.

And all shrubs will benefit from ample watering in the fall and during mid-winter thaws.

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Winter injury on holly after severe snow and cold

Holly with anti-desiccant winter protection

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