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Organic Soil Care

Biochar: Facts, Uses & Benefits

Biochar could be one of nature’s best examples of recycling. How else can we explain a natural process that turns waste material into a sustainable soil amendment? It’s a charcoal-like material used in the landscape to amend poor soil, store carbon, and absorb pollutants in contaminated soil.

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How Mycorrhizal Fungi Help Your Trees

These special fungi, found in healthy organic soil, help your trees stay healthy by providing more nutrients and water than the tree can absorb on its own. Learn how they work and why you need mycorrhizal fungi in your soil.

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Plant Nutrients: Calcium & Boron

Profiling Essential Nutrients for Plant Health:              Calcium & Boron A good analogy in the mineral world is that Calcium is the trucker, in that it moves all the other minerals, but Boron is the truck driver. A boron imbalance appears as if the truck has driven off the road.…

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