Lawn Pests & Diseases

Even with the best lawns can become infected with harmful diseases or be attacked by any number of pests (although proper care greatly reduces the chances of that happening!). Learn what to look for to identify lawn pests and diseases, how to prevent them from affecting your lawn, and what to do if they do occur.

Are Chinch Bugs Damaging Your Lawn? Signs, Treatment & Prevention

If dead patches appear in your lawn this summer, it might be a chinch bug infestation. Here's how to get rid of this destructive lawn pest and stop it from killing your lawn.
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A sod webworm moth rests on a green leaf.

Are Sod Webworm Moths Ruining Your Lawn?

Sod webworm is a destructive pest in your lawn. Take a closer look if you notice brown patches in your grass it might not just a simple patch caused by dog urine. Here's how you can determine if the damage is caused by sod webworm pest or others.
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Japanese beetles

Organic Control of Japanese Beetles & White Grubs in Your NJ Landscape

Do the leaves on your shrubs and trees look like lace? If so, they’ve probably been attacked by Japanese beetles. Are brown patches appearing in your lawn? It could be grubs - the immature form of Japanese beetles. Learn how to control both to minimize the damage safely, effectively and organically.
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