Tree & Lawn Diseases

Even with the best care, trees, shrubs, and lawns can become infected with harmful diseases (although proper care greatly reduces the chances of that happening!). Learn what to look for to identify bacterial and fungal diseases, how to prevent them from infecting your plants, and what to do if diseases do occur.

diseased pear tree leaves

5 Worst Tree Diseases in Central NJ & Eastern PA

Our area is home to a number of damaging diseases that injure, deform and kill trees and shrubs. In this article, we share five tree and shrub diseases commonly found in our area and describe what to look out for, the trees or shrubs that are typically infected, and available treatment or control options.
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Bacterial leaf scorch symptoms on elm leaves

Bacterial Leaf Scorch: FAQs

Brown, dying or scorched-looking tree leaves, especially on oaks, could be due to bacterial leaf scorch, which is fatal. Learn how to identify, control, and prevent it.
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