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In our small town of Whitehouse Station, the pastoral homes and businesses offer a stunning array of native and ornamental trees and shrubs to add to the serene setting of this Main Street community. For the health and appearance of your plants and lawn, turn to Organic Plant Care, LLC., for organic lawn, shrub, and tree services in Whitehouse Station, NJ.

Organic Services in Whitehouse Station, NJ

To keep your lawn and trees healthy and looking their best, turn to the expert organic arborists and foresters at Organic Plant Care, LLC. Owner Bill Grundmann has over 40 years of experience in forestry and arboriculture. He founded Organic Plant Care, LLC., in 2009 to offer entirely organic services after observing for years the benefits of organic systems over conventional synthetic solutions.

Call us for fully organic lawn, shrub, and tree care services, including:

  • Lawn fertilization and lawn pest management
  • Tick and mosquito treatment and management
  • Tree and shrub fertilization
  • Ornamental tree and shrub pruning
  • Lawn overseeding and core aeration
  • Soil testing and amendment

See what your neighbors say about how great their trees and lawns look on our customer reviews page. We’re proud to offer our customers professional organic lawn, shrub, and tree services in Whitehouse Station, NJ.

Why Choose Organic Plant Care?

The founder of Organic Plant Care, LLC, Bill Grundmann, knows from his decades of experience that organic plant care can be just as effective as traditional programs based on synthetic products. Since 2009, he has gathered a workforce of industry experts, including certified arborists and foresters, botanists, and organic land care professionals to provide his customers with proven organic lawn and plant care services.

  • One of only a handful of companies in New Jersey accredited by the Tree Care Industry Association 
  • Winner of the 2020 Small Business Growth Award from the New Jersey Small Business Development Center

Organic Lawn Care in Whitehouse Station, NJ

With our organic lawn care services, you can keep your lawn lush, green, and weed-free without the use of chemicals that could be toxic to pets, local wildlife, or ornamental plants. We strive to maintain healthy nutrient levels in your lawn’s soil, suppress weed growth, and manage harmful pests and grubs without affecting beneficial species.

Organic Lawn Care

Soil Testing Service

Step one in getting a healthy, organic lawn is testing the soil to determine how well it will support new grass growth and healthy trees and shrubs. We can then formulate a specific blend of slow-release soil amendments to balance the proper nutrients for healthy grasses that can outcompete weeds.

Organic Lawn Care

Organic Lawn Fertilization

We use natural compound organic lawn fertilizers and beneficial bacterial soil conditioners with slow-release nutrients that resist over-feeding and wasteful runoff. Our organic compounds offer several benefits over synthetic blends, which can be toxic, run off your yard, and contaminate nearby bodies of water and natural habitats.

Organic Lawn Care

Lawn Overseeding and Core Aeration

Core aeration helps to loosen hard, compacted soil top layers and expose grass roots to air, water, and nutrients for healthy growth. Overseeding with a tall fescue blend of grasses helps lawn grass to thrive in the Whitehouse Station climate zone. Established healthy grasses can crowd out broadleaf weeds.

Organic Lawn Care

Weed Management

We offer pre-emergent and post-emergent weed suppression applications for stubborn weed populations on your lawn. We apply corn gluten to suppress crabgrass growth in the early spring and can treat any weeds that come up with an organic, broad-spectrum herbicide that offers treatment for several weed species.

Organic Lawn Care

Grub and Pest Management

Grubs are the larval form of several beetles and chafer insects, including Japanese beetles, oriental beetles, and other harmful species. Our organic grub treatments are safe for people, pets, and beneficial pollinators.

Grow a Lush Green Lawn With Our
Organic Lawn Care Service

Safe for Your Family and Pets

Tick and Mosquito Treatment and Management in Whitehouse Station, NJ

Deer ticks especially are known to carry Lyme disease, Babesiosis, and borrelia miyamotoi bacteria. Mosquitos can carry West Nile virus, Dengue fever, Zika, and yellow fever, to name a few.

We offer two options for tick and mosquito treatment and management—a four-visit regimen for normal-risk properties and a five-spray program for high-risk properties. High-risk properties are those that:

  • Have large forested or wooded areas or standing water zones.
  • Have large deer populations that can carry ticks.
  • Have one or more residents with health conditions that make them more vulnerable to Lyme disease or blood-borne pathogens carried by ticks and mosquitos.
organic tick control - tick on leaf

Protect Yourself With Our
Organic Tick & Mosquito Control 

Safe for Your Family and Pets

Organic Tree and Shrub Care in Whitehouse Station, NJ

For ornamental or fruit-bearing trees and shrubs in your yard, we offer expert arborist analyses and several organic services, including:

  • Tree health management
  • Tree and shrub fertilization
  • Deep root fertilization
  • Insect and disease treatment for trees and shrubs
Organic Tree & Shrub Care

Tree and Shrub Fertilization

We recommend annual fertilization and conditioning for trees and shrubs with deep root fertilization every few years to help your trees and shrubs during droughts or high-stress periods.

Organic Tree & Shrub Care

Ornamental Trimming

Here at Organic Plant Care, we trim shrubs and small ornamental trees to remove diseased, damaged, or dead branches and resolve branch overcrowding issues to improve the plant's overall health.

For small trees and shrubs on your property, we offer targeted pruning and trimming to improve the health and beauty of your plants. We can improve the structure and shape of your trees to resist damage and allow for better penetration by light and air through the canopy.

Organic Tree & Shrub Care

Pest and Disease Management

We offer comprehensive Plant Health Care programs, including Integrated Pest Management for trees and shrubs. We strive to manage pest populations to reduce harm to your trees and shrubs while enticing beneficial predators to visit your property. We also offer a triple treatment with leaf and trunk applications of bio-organic fungicide to suppress tree diseases.

Organic Tree & Shrub Care

Organic Fruit Tree Service

Whether you want to grow organic apples, peaches, nectarines, pears, or cherries, we offer an Organic Fruit Tree Program and Orchard Health Program to include soil testing, amendments, pruning, insect pest management, and tree disease prevention.

Contact us today at 908-309-6611 or contact us online for a free consultation for organic lawn, shrub, and tree services in Whitehouse Station, NJ.

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Keep Your Property Safe & Beautiful With Our
Organic Tree & Shrub Care Services

Discover how our natural and organic lawn, shrub, and tree services in Whitehouse Station, NJ can help keep your landscaping healthy and beautiful. Call Organic Plant Care, LLC at 908-309-6611 for a free estimate. You can also contact us online.

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Why Whitehouse Station?

We love the setting of so many historic homes, and businesses sprinkled among lush landscapes centered around the White House Railway Station. The historical architecture of the Rockaway Reformed Church and Whitehouse United Methodist Church is beautiful, and several restaurants offer fantastic Italian, classic American, and grilled options.

Did You Know?

New Jersey added a law in 2011 limiting the use of nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizers. You must get a soil analysis to indicate a deficiency before applying phosphorus fertilizers. Additionally, at least 20% by weight of nitrogen fertilizers must be slow-release. Learn more about New Jersey’s fertilizer laws and blackout dates by clicking here.

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"OPC did organic fertilization for us. Honest fair hard-working nice people helping me with a good product that is environmentally sound? Can't get much better, right? 🙂 No need for pesticides to keep our lawn healthy, attractive and nicely managed."

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