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We always appreciate hearing from our customers - whether that's directly or through reviews left on Google, Facebook, Yelp, or other review sites. Below are reviews we've gotten over the years - we hope you find them helpful.

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Fabulous Experience

Fabulous experience. I had my lawn aerated, seeded and fertilized by Organic Plant Care. Zach, the technician, was very professional and did a great job. I have a sprinkler system in the lawn and he took great care not to damage the spray heads which I had marked with stakes. He even went above and beyond and removed all of the marking stakes when he was done. All grass seed was swept off of the hard surfaces, too. Highly recommend.

Laurie S
Center Valley, PA
October 3, 2019
Wonderful Work

This company likes trees and other living things! Their work (tree removal, trimming) was wonderful at my new home, and they cleaned up beautifully. While their prices were competitive with the other estimates I received, they were head and shoulders above in terms of knowledge, care, and professionalism. I highly recommend Organic Plant Care for all tree, plant, lawn needs.

Monique Buzzarté
Recommended on Facebook
August 13, 2019
Professional, Fair & Caring

Professional, fair, and caring. Know Bill and his team for over 20 years and continue to be impressed by the quality of their work. They take great pride in helping manage your property.

Robb Sansone
Review from Google
July 30, 2019
Proactive & Responsive

The team has always been proactive and responsive with our yard, both with the grass and the shrubs & trees. Professional, friendly, and they care. Highly recommended!

Amanda Brown
Review from Google
July 30, 2019
Great company

Great company, and our tech, Joe Gentile, is fantastic. He takes great care to save us from tic's & 'squito's!!
Thank you Sir.

Cheryl Lewis
Review from Google
June 30, 2019
Mosquito and tick control that's safe for our dog

We are so pleased with the service provided from Organic Plant Care, LLC because our problems with mosquitoes and ticks were serious and the use of persistent pesticides was unacceptable having a dog and caring about exposure to toxic pesticides.
I recommend this company to all who express their needs for pest control.
The service is 'seamless' and efficient; personnel are pleasant to deal with and responsive.

Marvin Bronstein
Review from Google
June 18, 2019
Very happy

Knowledgeable, professional, friendly staff. They get the job done efficiently and clean up everything after the work is done. Very happy that there is an organic alternative!

Patty Esch
Review from Google
May 30, 2019
Thriving and healthy

We have been using Organic Plant Care for our trees and lawn a few years now. Everything is thriving and healthy. We can't be more pleased with the results. The staff are knowledgeable and friendly. We would recommend them to anyone looking for a greener way to treat plants and lawns other than harmful chemicals.

Maryellen Wichelhaus
Review from Google
May 30, 2019
Money Well Spent

Absolutely amazing service!!!!
Professional workers!!!!
Outstanding job provided for us last year. We only found 3 ticks in our very large backyard last year. We couldn’t walk outside in previous years [before using Organic Plant Care] - our garden and backyard were literally infested by ticks!!!!
Today I ran home from my workplace not knowing we will have the service done today. Find Joe sitting in his truck, he told me he is waiting because if it starts raining he will respray everything!
Talking about having integrity what you do ❤️❤️❤️
Money well spent!!!!
After recovering from Lyme 3 years ago, I just wish I knew about this service before.
Thank you!

Maria P-szi
Recommended on Facebook
May 3, 2019
I'm So Happy I Found Them

They are always very courteous and let me know whenever they are on my property for service. Not only does everything look better but I could swear even the birds like it more! I'm so happy I found them and I look forward to many years of service partnership. Thank you Organic Plant Care!!

Linda von Thaden
March 29, 2018
We Couldn't Be Happier!

Based on soil test results (to test the current condition of our lawn), it was suggested we treat the lawn with organic soil conditioner and organic fertilizer. Bill the owner of the company has also been out to chat and plan ahead for some tree trimming. We were amazed at the knowledge of plant nutrition, insect management, and soil health practices. We couldn't be happier!

Marty Uczen
Bernardsville, NJ
March 29, 2018
My Trees Look Fantastic

I use Organic Plant Care for tree trimming and plant care. Their professionals always walk my property with me, assessing trees, shrubs, and lawn and suggest what needs to be done, write up a proposal, and promptly complete the job. I would recommend Organic Plant Care LLC to anyone. My trees look fantastic.

Pat Stover
Flemington, NJ
March 29, 2018
Effective Tick Control

I especially recommend the organic tick/mosquito treatment from Organic Plant Care that we've used for the past 5 seasons - I haven't seen a tick on the family since we started but they were a regular nuisance prior, and I feel safe knowing that the treatments are all organic.

Jennifer Wlos Fasciano
Lebanon, NJ
March 29, 2018
Great customer service

Great company and customer service!!!! Very happy with their service.

Glenn Dow
March 23, 2018
Did an amazing job!

I hired Organic Plant Care to remove a mature, sick and dying sugar maple at the front of my farm in Tewksbury, NJ. This was not the first time they have worked for me. Previously, they have removed trees, sprayed and pruned large shrubs and performed some really amazing, creative rehabilitation work on a lightning-damaged mature tree that most companies likely would have sadly cut down. Obviously, I have been pleased with their past performance. And yet, I was still amazed--along with my carpenter, who had worked his way through school doing such work--watching Organic Plant Care's professional team members climb through this treacherous tree right on a country road. Not to worry; nothing fell on the road, and my yard remained nearly spotless even during the removal. Keep in mind when hiring a tree removal company: you do not want a group of inexperienced clowns working in a high-risk situation on your property when liability is a major issue! Here, they surpassed my expectations and did an amazing job. I was sad to see the tree go, but I was certain with Bill Grundmann's expertise and knowledge that I was doing the right thing. Highly recommended!

Kathleen Stiles
Tewksbury, NJ
October 27, 2017
Top-Notch Tree & Lawn

We've used a variety of services from Organic Plant Care over the past 8 years and I highly recommend every one! From our first encounter with the team on some large tree work to the compost tea treatment that completely transformed our dried up lawn into a thing of beauty, the work from Organic Plant Care has been top-notch.

Jennifer Wlos Fasciano
Lebanon, NJ
April 12, 2017
They Cared About The Process

The tree trimming crew was just here to finish taking down a large Sugar Maple. I was sad to see this large tree go, but when the limbs came down and I saw that they were hollow - no live matter at all - I knew I made the right decision. Bill was very knowledgeable and guided me in the right direction, the crew was very professional and cared about the process as well as the result of the effort. Limbs removed and lawn and driveway were spotless when they were done.

Alan Harwick
Whitehouse Station, NJ
March 7, 2017
My Trees Look Fantastic

I am impressed with the fact that Organic Plant Care uses organic materials, that the professionals who work for the company are experts in the use of these chemicals, that they explain carefully about the need for any work they recommend, and that they are prompt with sending their proposals and completing the work. I would recommend Organic Plant Care LLC to anyone.

Pat Stover
Flemington, NJ
September 21, 2016
Effective Tick & Mosquito Control

For the past several years, I have used Organic Plant Care LLC for organic tick and mosquito spraying on my lawn area adjacent to a heavily wooded area. I live on 11 acres, next to 108 acres of preserved land with more than 100 deer. My two “indoor, outdoor” cats have had a total of only 5 ticks during that time and I have had just 2.

Pat Stover
Flemington, NJ
September 21, 2016
The Best

We enjoy knowing our yard is organic for us, the dogs and our honeybees. Bill and his team are the best - great people to work with.

Holly Hilzinger
Review from Facebook
March 21, 2016
Very Satisfied

We are very satisfied by the tree work done by Organic Plant Care. They are now in process of Organic Spraying of our 7 fruit trees and doing the deep root organic fertilization of several other trees on our farm.

Pete & Grace Reno
March 31, 2015
Conscientious & Knowledgeable

Conscientious, knowledgeable staff is at your service to answer questions and find solutions for your particular needs.

Susan Sandor
Review from Facebook
May 9, 2014
Safe & Looks Great

A great system to keep our family safe and our yard looking great!

Mary Ann Spilman
Review from Facebook
March 22, 2014
Looks Better Than Ever!

These guys are great! I had another organic company for years working on my yard but it became increasingly obvious they just weren't being effective. It almost looked like nothing was being done at all! Then, I changed over to this company and what a difference!!!! My property looks better than ever thanks to Organic Plant Care.

Linda von Thaden
January 29, 2014
Excellent Job

Bill and his crew did an excellent job with their complete clean-up from Hurricane Sandy - professional and thorough.

Scott Rhoades
Bernardsville, NJ
November 16, 2013
Very Professional

The employees at Organic Plant Care are all professional and very easy to get in contact with with. They are eager to protect the environment and apply quality organic products that work safely with the soil, plants, people and pets. After two applications, once in summer and then fall the grass in our lawn went from unhealthy looking very nice. We appreciate the time and expertise they have given us this season.

Marty Uczen
Bernardsville, NJ
September 1, 2013

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