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Controlling Pests & Disease to Keep Trees Healthy

Green lacewings are desirable beneficial insects

Beneficial green lacewings help keep pest populations in check

Tree Pest Management (IPM) is a companion component of a well-developed Plant Health Care (PHC) program. It involves regular monitoring, anticipation, proper pest identification, establishment of tolerable damage thresholds, and targeted biological and alternative pesticide treatments, when necessary, to keep insect and disease problems under control.

Once hatched, these beneficial lacewing eggs will help keep pest populations in check.

Lacewing eggs at the end of a strand of silk  under  leaves

Our PHC technicians are trained, not only to identify pests and diseases, but of equal importance, to locate and identify beneficial predators and pollinators within the landscape at their various growth stages. Our goal isn’t to exterminate every pest, but rather to keep populations below a level of economic damage established with the client. With some prey in the landscape, beneficial predators will be enticed to stay and dine.

IPDM – 3 Visits

Black knot on plum tree

Black knot canker on plum tree

For properties with a moderate level of tree and shrub diversity and insect and disease pressure, we offer a 3-visit Integrated Pest & Disease Management program. In late April/May, June and August we inspect and monitor your ornamental trees less than 20 feet in height, shrubs and ground covers. Our technicians anticipate and diagnose pest and disease problems, and as necessary apply the appropriate organic treatment(s) targeted for the specific pest. Following each visit a summary of findings and outcomes will be left for your review.

IPDM – 5 Visits

Landscapes with a greater diversity of plantings may have increased pest and disease issues for which we may recommend more regular monitoring and treatment with five site visits throughout the growing season. In late April/May, June, July, August we will be on site providing similar integrated pest management strategies and necessary treatments. The products we use are safe for people, pets and the environment.

As an owner-run company, we offer personalized, consistent service and technicians who know the history of your property season after season. Effective and safe organic treatments are most always available to suppress problems while encouraging beneficial insects and maintaining ecological balance. We serve customers in Bucks County, PA and Hunterdon, Somerset, Morris, and parts of Union counties in New Jersey.

Contact us today to schedule a complimentary assessment of your landscape.  Our qualified arborist will provide you with a program and estimate customized to treat your specific trees and shrubs.