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Education is a top priority for residents of Summit, NJ, including education about the negative effects of fertilizer and pesticide runoff and contamination. Homeowners and business owners alike often call us to inquire about our unique organic lawn, shrub, and tree services in Summit, NJ. At Organic Plant Care, LLC, we strive to educate residents about best practices for caring for local plant life and beneficial species without resorting to synthetic or harmful chemicals.

Our Organic Lawn Care and Tree Services in Summit, NJ

Our team includes arborists, foresters, botanists, and other plant care professionals. Owner Bill Grundmann has over 40 years of experience in forestry and professional plant care. He founded Organic Plant Care, LLC, to offer organic solutions to plant and tree care in 2009.

Our fully organic services include:

  • Soil testing and amendment
  • Organic lawn fertilization
  • Insect pest management
  • Tick and mosquito treatment and management
  • Tree and shrub fertilization
  • Ornamental tree and shrub pruning
  • Lawn overseeding and core aeration

Visit our customer reviews page to see more from your Summit neighbors about how healthy their lawns and trees are after calling us for organic lawn, shrub, and tree services in Summit, NJ.

Why Choose Organic Plant Care?

Owner Bill Grundmann has studied the benefits of organic plant care systems over synthetic fertilizers and pesticides for decades. He founded Organic Plant Care, LLC, in 2009 to implement these systems for customers who wanted green lawns and plants without the negative effects of synthetic chemicals. 

Our certifications and experience include: 

  • Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) accreditation
  • The New Jersey Small Business Development Center 2020 Small Business Growth Award 
  • Certified arborists, botanists, foresters, and plant care experts with decades of experience in organic plant care 
OPC staff working on lawn care in New Jersey.

Organic Lawn Care in Summit, NJ

If you want lush green grass without using harmful chemicals, it all begins with a soil test. A healthy lawn starts from the ground up. Our organic lawn services for Summit clients include:

Organic Lawn Care

Soil Testing and Analysis

Our organic lawn care begins with a soil test to measure pH, nutrient levels, organic matter, and more. We then customize soil amendments and fertilizer to address shortages and imbalances.

Organic Lawn Care

Lawn Overseeding and Core Aeration

Core aeration helps your grasses’ roots access oxygen and water, which might be difficult in compact soil. Overseeding can fill in any gaps and suppress weed growth. 

Organic Lawn Care

Organic Lawn Fertilization

We use a custom granular fertilizer with slow-release technology and a liquid soil conditioner that includes beneficial bacteria for your lawn. These methods help keep your grass lush and green for more months of the year. 

Organic Lawn Care

Grub and Insect Pest Management

Our grub and insect pest management systems help us treat your lawn for grubs, which are the larval form of beetles and other borer insects, and other ground insect species that could harm your lawn. Our organic treatments are safe for pets, children, and beneficial species.

Grow a Lush Green Lawn With Our
Organic Lawn Care Service

Safe for Your Family and Pets

Tick and Mosquito Treatment in Summit, NJ

Tick and mosquito treatment is essential at certain times of year to break the reproductive cycle of these pests. Ticks and mosquitos carry a range of blood-borne diseases, including Lyme disease, Babesiosis, West Nile virus, malaria, encephalitis, Dengue fever, Chikungunya, and Zika virus. Ticks can also latch onto pets, and mosquitos can spread canine heartworm.

We offer organic tick and mosquito treatment at key times of year to interrupt breeding, egg-laying, and maturation cycles so you can enjoy your yard year-round.

organic tick control - tick on leaf

Protect Yourself With Our
Organic Tick & Mosquito Control 

Safe for Your Family and Pets

Organic Tree and Shrub Care in Summit, NJ

Healthy trees and shrubs help to emphasize the beauty of your home and yard. However, they can be vulnerable to diseases and pests that eventually kill them. We offer organic tree and shrub fertilization, insect and disease treatment for trees and shrubs, and insect and tree disease prevention.

Organic Tree & Shrub Care

Pest and Disease Management

Our organic tree disease prevention and insect pest management start with inspecting your trees for signs of infection or infestation. We monitor your trees and shrubs for signs of pests or diseases, including fireblight, emerald ash borers, and spotted lanternflies. 

Our organic treatments target damaging species without harming beneficial spiders, birds, and deer. 

Organic Tree & Shrub Care

Tree and Shrub Fertilization

After testing your soil, we determine the nutrients and beneficial bacteria your yard needs to support healthy growth for your trees and shrubs. Our tree and shrub fertilization includes granular, slow-release fertilizer and liquid soil conditioner packed with beneficial bacteria strains. We also offer deep root fertilization to get trees the nutrients they need where they need it most. 

Organic Tree & Shrub Care

Organic Fruit Tree Service

We offer a complete Organic Fruit Tree Program and Orchard Health Program as part of our organic lawn, shrub, and tree services in Summit, NJ. If you want abundant cherries, apples, nectarines, peaches, or pears without using harmful synthetic chemical pesticides and fertilizers, contact us at Organic Plant Care, LLC. 

Organic Tree & Shrub Care

Ornamental Trimming and Pruning

If you have decorative trees and shrubs that require pruning as part of your tree health management plan, we can help. We’ll trim any shrubs or small trees to remove: 

  • Damaged or dead limbs 
  • Branches that show signs of disease 
  • Overcrowded limbs 
  • Overgrown branches or shrubs 
  • Fruit tree limbs with poor flowering and fruiting patterns 
  • Unsightly limbs 
healthy shrub

Keep Your Property Safe & Beautiful With Our
Organic Tree & Shrub Care Services

For organic lawn, shrub, and tree health management in Summit, New Jersey, turn to our experts at Organic Plant Care, LLC. We can help you keep your yard and trees healthy without using conventional chemical formulas. Call us today at 908-309-6611 or contact us online for a free estimate.

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Why Summit?

Summit is a charming city with a rich history. The city prioritizes education and supports a multicultural community through the arts, non-profit organizations, cultural events, music programs, and more. The area offers several historical landmarks to explore, as well as nature trails, hiking, and several parks. We love visiting the Reeves-Reed Arboretum and the Visual Arts Center of New Jersey on our days off.

Did You Know?

The City of Summit, NJ, requires a tree removal permit to cut down any tree with a diameter of 16 inches or greater. There are some exceptions, including if the tree is not “significant” (less than 16 inches in diameter or not a landmark tree) or if a New Jersey Certified Tree Expert labels the tree as dead, diseased, or hazardous.

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