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Flemington is a popular tourist and shopping destination in New Jersey, where residents take pride in sharing their beautiful lawns and landscapes. Many Flemington home and business owners are concerned about the long-term effects of toxic chemicals and are looking for natural alternatives to synthetic lawn, shrub, and tree care.

If you’re thinking about changing to fully organic fertilization, lawn pest mitigation, and tree health management programs, why not bring in the experts?

Let the experienced (and local!) team at Organic Plant Care, LLC., help with your organic lawn, shrub, and tree care services in Flemington, NJ.

Why Choose Organic Plant Care?

The experts at Organic Plant Care, LLC can help the residents of Flemington, NJ, get the natural lawn, tree, and shrub care they want. Bill Grundmann and his team of knowledgeable horticulture experts can assess problems with your landscaping and develop an organic treatment and care regimen to bring your plants back to optimum health naturally.

Our company is TCIA accredited and proud to be one of the few New Jersey tree services to have earned TCIA accreditation.

Our methods for organic lawn, shrub, and tree services in Flemington, NJ, are effective and environmentally friendly. As a result, you receive top-rated tree and lawn care services without the toxic chemicals of traditional property treatments.

Tree Health Management Services

Your trees are crucial to your home’s overall health and appearance. Unfortunately, trees can be susceptible to disease and certain types of pest damage. Although these issues can seem challenging to overcome, our organic tree health management services can help you protect your trees and promote luscious greenery.

Tree Health Management Services

Tree and Shrub Fertilization

Although your trees and shrubs can grow when they receive the right amount of water and sunshine, they need more than that. Trees, shrubs, and other plants rely on a wide range of microbes and nutrients for optimum health. Here at Organic Plant Care, we use a high-quality organic granular fertilizer plus a specially formulated liquid soil conditioner to deliver exactly what plants need. By injecting the liquid soil conditioner into the ground around the tree’s or shrub’s roots, we give them what they need where they most need it. With organic tree and shrub fertilization, you can promote plant health and help your yard look better than ever.

Tree Health Management Services

Ornamental Tree Trimming & Shrub Pruning

The tree care experts at Organic Plant Care do not offer tree removal. Instead, we prefer to use our skills to help you manage your ornamental trees to keep them healthy and looking their best.

We can successfully remove diseased and damaged branches by trimming your small ornamental trees or overgrown shrubs. Our professionals specialize in fruit tree and ornamental pruning. By focusing our tree services on these types of trees, we have perfected our technique and can deliver exceptional results time and time again.

Tree Health Management Services

Insect & Disease Treatment for Trees and Shrubs

We offer a comprehensive Plant Health Care program that helps manage pests and provides natural insect and disease treatment for trees and shrubs.

Organic Plant Care’s Plant Health Care experts treat trees for many species of pests and diseases, such as anthracnose, fireblight, and spotted lanternflies. Although our organic treatment methods are highly effective, we’re able to minimize any harm to the beneficial wildlife that thrives on your property.

Tree Health Management Services

Tree Disease Prevention

It is often easier to prevent diseases than treat them. Our organic tree disease prevention services promote healthy tree growth and longevity by reducing the risk of various tree diseases common in the Flemington area.

Keep Your Property Safe & Beautiful With Our
Organic Tree & Shrub Care Services

Insect Pest Management for Tick and Mosquito Control

Flemington residents know there is nothing more annoying than ticks and mosquitos, especially when you want to enjoy time outside during New Jersey’s beautiful summers. Not only are these pests irritating, but they have the potential to carry Lyme disease, West Nile, and other viruses.

To combat these pests, we offer organic tick and mosquito control programs. Using organic materials for insect pest management, we help you deter ticks and mosquitos without using synthetic chemicals. With natural treatments during key phases of these pests’ reproductive cycles, we can help you enjoy your time outdoors in your yard without using chemical repellants.

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Organic Tick & Mosquito Control 

Safe for Your Family and Pets

Organic Lawn Care

Your lawn contributes to your home’s curb appeal and gives you space to spend time outside with friends and family. Keeping your Flemington lawn healthy helps keep the pests away while promoting soft, green grass that welcomes running feet.

Our organic lawn services in Flemington, NJ, use natural formulas and techniques to promote healthy grass and minimize weeds.

Organic Lawn Care

Lawn Overseeding and Core Aeration

Core aeration is a commonly overlooked aspect of lawn care maintenance. However, it is crucial for promoting soil oxygenation and allowing better water-to-root access.

We can successfully promote healthier, greener grass and fewer weeds by combining lawn overseeding and organic fertilization with core aeration.

Organic Lawn Care

Weed Management

Weeds are one of the most common problems in residential and commercial yards. Not only do they disrupt your lawn’s uniform greenery, but they can impact the overall health of your grass. We use several organic methods to suppress weed growth without harming the surrounding grass.

Organic Lawn Care

Soil Testing Service

Soil is essential to any plant’s health. However, not all soils or plants are the same. We strongly recommend soil testing to check your soil’s pH balance and determine if it’s missing nutrients.

Organic Plant Care, LLC., can test your soil for:

  • pH
  • Organic mass
  • Nutrient levels
  • Various other factors

By better understanding your soil’s current health, we can determine the best ways to promote healthier grass and address your specific lawn concerns.

Organic Lawn Care

Organic Lawn Fertilization

Instead of synthetic fertilizers, we use organic fertilizers that promote healthy soil and lush, green turfgrass. As a result, we can make your grass more temperature-resistant, vibrant, and soft to walk on. We strictly follow New Jersey’s fertilizer law for our organic lawn fertilization.

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Grow a Lush Green Lawn With Our
Organic Lawn Care Service

Safe for Your Family and Pets

Discover how our natural and organic lawn, shrub, and tree services in Flemington, NJ can help keep your landscaping healthy and beautiful. Call Organic Plant Care, LLC at 908-309-6611 for a free estimate. You can also contact us online.

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Located in Flemington, NJ

The Organic Plant Care LLC office is located in Flemington, NJ, so we can easily access nearby highways and get to you quickly. That means we can provide cost-effective services at competitive prices that benefit you and your Flemington neighbors.

Along with providing high-quality services, we are passionate about supporting the local community. For example, we sponsor annual Arbor Day activities in the area, including tree planting at the local elementary schools.

We share the concern residents of the Garden State have about protecting white ash trees (which is why we provide a highly effective, organic treatment for Emerald Ash Borer), as well as wanting to avoid potentially toxic synthetic lawn and tree products.

We know that many Flemington residents have a deep appreciation for the area’s nature, and we’re proud to serve our environmentally conscious neighbors. We always strive to provide the best organic tree, shrub, and lawn care by drawing on years of experience with local conditions, plant species, and both common and emerging pests and diseases.

Ready for a healthier, greener yard without synthetic chemicals? Call Organic Plant Care, LLC., at 908-309-6611 for organic lawn, shrub, and tree services in Flemington, NJ.

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"We were extremely pleased with the tree removal and debris clean-up. The crew was thorough and very safety conscious in their work."

Mary Dillman

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