Customer Reviews Policy

Organic Plant Care, LLC is dedicated to transparently publishing customer feedback and reviews. This policy applies to reviews submitted by customers and/or through 3rd party review sites monitored on the platform. We reserve the right to remove posts, comments, or reviews that violate these content policies.

Reasons for removing a review may include (but are not limited to):

  • Reviews that mention or contain personal and confidential information
  • Vulgarity/Sexually Explicit content
  • Threats/Dangerous content
  • Hate Speech/Discriminatory content
  • Unverified customers
  • Off-topic or unrelated reviews (wrong location, someone else’s experience, etc.)
  • Spam
  • Advertising or solicitation
  • Illegal or unlawful content

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About Bill Grundmann

Bill is the owner of Organic Plant Care, LLC. He takes an integrated approach to tree care, focusing not only on the trees themselves but also on the surrounding environment, managing tree health from the "ground up" - healthy soil equals healthy plants. Bill is a New Jersey Licensed Tree Expert and NJ Approved Forester with over 35 years of experience in the tree care industry.