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Customers in the Califon and Lebanon area love the countryside in the area, as well as its proximity to major highways and New York City. But with that bucolic setting comes a range of tree, shrub, and lawn issues. Residents also tell us they've often struggled to find a reliable lawn company or tree service to respond to their phone calls, keep appointments, and provide timely information and professional results - until they found Organic Plant Care, LLC!

Our Califon & Lebanon Organic Services

The professional land care team at Organic Plant Care wants to help Califon and Lebanon, NJ, homeowners care for their landscaping using our natural and safe programs. We offer the following organic services to our customers to keep their lawns and plants healthy and beautiful year-round:

  • Pest, disease, and weed control
  • Tick and mosquito management
  • Tree and shrub trimming and pruning
  • Tree, shrub, and lawn fertilization
  • Core aeration and overseeding
  • Soil analysis and amendment

See below to learn more about how we can help you care for your landscaping without the use of toxic chemicals and harmful practices.

If you remain unconvinced that organic land care is a worthy investment, visit our reviews page to find out why your neighbors trust us with their organic lawn, shrub, and tree services in Califon and Lebanon, NJ.

Why Choose Organic Plant Care?

The founder of Organic Plant Care, LLC, Bill Grundmann, knows from his decades of experience that organic plant care can be just as effective as traditional programs based on synthetic products. Since 2009, he has gathered a workforce of industry experts, including certified arborists and foresters, botanists, and organic land care professionals to provide his customers with proven organic lawn and plant care services.

  • One of only a handful of companies in New Jersey accredited by the Tree Care Industry Association 
  • Winner of the 2020 Small Business Growth Award from the New Jersey Small Business Development Center

Organic Lawn Care in Califon and Lebanon, NJ

Organic Plant Care wants to help you keep a healthy, beautiful lawn with our organic lawn services in Califon and Lebanon, NJ. We encourage healthy, balanced soil and a lush lawn through various services, including soil analysis, fertilization, weed management, core aeration, overseeding. Our full range of organic lawn services include the following:

Organic Lawn Care

Lawn Fertilization

We don't use synthetic lawn fertilizers. Instead, we promote soil fertility and turfgrass health using a slow-release fertilizing method, natural organic fertilizer, and a beneficial bacteria-rich soil conditioner. These natural treatments improve the grasses' tolerance for high temperatures and provide a beautiful, vibrant appearance.

Organic Lawn Care

Lawn Overseeding and Core Aeration

Core aeration solves many problems that can negatively affect your lawn. It promotes soil oxygenation and allows water open access to the roots. We pair this service with overseeding, incorporating our top-quality blend of cool-season grasses to improve grass density and weed suppression.

Organic Lawn Care

Weed Management

We use natural methods to manage unwanted weeds in our customers' lawns, even before they emerge. These methods include core aeration and overseeding as well as treating soil imbalances that promote weed growth.

Organic Lawn Care

Grub and Pest Management

Natural and organic treatments keep our customers' lawns from being overtaken by destructive pests. For example, our organic grub control treatment will manage the population of grubs without harming the people, pets, or beneficial predators and pollinators that spend time in your yard.

Organic Lawn Care

Soil Testing Service

Optimal plant health begins with healthy soil, so we offer a comprehensive soil analysis service to determine if the soil is well-balanced and, if not, what it's missing. We test for nutrient levels, organic mass, pH, and other factors that affect the overall health of the lawn.

Once we understand the current soil composition of your lawn, we can offer purposeful organic soil amendments that have been custom formulated to solve the imbalances in your soil.

Grow a Lush Green Lawn With Our
Organic Lawn Care Service

Safe for Your Family and Pets

Tick and Mosquito Control in Califon and Lebanon, NJ

In Califon and Lebanon, NJ, tick and mosquito control are critical for protecting against Lyme disease, West Nile virus, and other conditions. Ensure your family, friends, and pets can enjoy your property during the beautiful New Jersey warm season with our tick and mosquito management services.

We offer several Tick and Mosquito Control programs to help New Jersey homeowners combat these pests without having to use toxic chemicals. We'll suppress ticks and mosquitoes using strategically-timed visits to your property designed to disrupt reproduction cycles and control the populations.

organic tick control - tick on leaf

Protect Yourself With Our
Organic Tick & Mosquito Control 

Safe for Your Family and Pets

Organic Tree and Shrub Care in Califon and Lebanon, NJ

Many Califon residents call us because they're concerned about the health of their trees. The Spotted Lanternfly and destructive Emerald Ash Borer are a significant problem in the area, killing trees and causing a major nuisance. Thankfully, both can be managed with our effective organic treatments.

The Organic Plant Care team uses proven organic methods to care for our customers' trees and shrubs. We promote shrub and tree health using safe pest and disease treatments, natural fertilizers, and inspections performed by knowledgeable arborists and horticulture experts. Our effective organic tree and shrub services include the following:

Organic Tree & Shrub Care

Tree and Shrub Fertilization

Your trees and shrubs require certain beneficial bacteria and organic fertilizers to thrive. We encourage optimal shrub and tree growth using a fully-organic granular fertilizer followed by a fortifying liquid soil conditioner and supplemental deep root fertilization. These natural and organic methods promote healthy, beautiful plants.

Organic Tree & Shrub Care

Ornamental Trimming

Here at Organic Plant Care, we trim shrubs and small ornamental trees to remove diseased, damaged, or dead branches and resolve branch overcrowding issues to improve the plant's overall health.

Although we provide a complete tree service, we only work with fruit trees and small ornamental trees. If you're not sure if we can tackle your tree, ask yourself if the work can be completed from the ground or an orchard ladder. If not, you may require a dedicated tree service.

Organic Tree & Shrub Care

Pest and Disease Management

Our Plant Health Care program includes Integrated Pest Management to identify and monitor not only diseases and pests but also the beneficial pollinators who help keep your plants healthy. We treat shrubs and trees for diseases like anthracnose and control the populations of pests like the spotted lanternfly and the emerald ash borer, all while being careful not to harm the beneficial insects and other helpful wildlife on your property.

Organic Tree & Shrub Care

Organic Fruit Tree Service

If you have fruit trees on your property, consider our Organic Fruit Tree program, and we'll help you grow fruit that is dense in nutrients and free of unnatural chemicals. We will improve soil balance and keep your tree healthy with pest and disease treatments and regular trimming.

healthy shrub

Keep Your Property Safe & Beautiful With Our
Organic Tree & Shrub Care Services

Discover how our natural and organic lawn, shrub, and tree services in Califon and Lebanon, NJ can help keep your landscaping healthy and beautiful. Call Organic Plant Care, LLC at 908-309-6611 for a free estimate. You can also contact us online.

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Why Califon & Lebanon?

If you love the outdoors as much as we do, the Califon and Lebanon area is a wonderful place to live and work. We enjoy the many recreational attractions, from terrific hiking trails in Ken Lockwood Gorge to fly fishing along the Musconetcong River. (If you like to fly fish, Shannon Bait & Tackle in the town of Califon is a great resource for information and buying gear!)

Did You Know?

When removing large shade trees in Califon, NJ, you need a tree removal permit if the tree is near buildings or structures.

Our Organic Services

"OPC did organic fertilization for us. Honest fair hard-working nice people helping me with a good product that is environmentally sound? Can't get much better, right? 🙂 No need for pesticides to keep our lawn healthy, attractive and nicely managed."

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