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Tree Fertilization Programs

Just like your lawn or flowers, trees in our urban or suburban landscape also need to be fertilized for optimum health. The soil around our homes, parks and offices generally isn’t as healthy as what’s normally found in nature – so we need to give it a little extra boost to help our trees thrive.

We recommend using our annual Plant & Soil Biotics fertilization program to grow healthy plants, supplemented by Deep Root Fertilization every few years (and especially during times of drought or high stress for your trees) and regular applications of compost tea to feed the soil.

Plant & Soil Biotics™ Fertilization Program for Trees and Shrubs (Spring & Fall)

plantandsoilbioticsThis annual program, applied twice a year, delivers vital plant nutrients and helps build and restore healthy soil biology. It focuses on nourishing the plants, as well as the Soil Food Web, promoting overall plant health and vigor.

Spring and fall applications of a specially blended high quality organic fertilizer provide slow-release nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium needs throughout the season, as well as the essential trace minerals critical for peak health.

We follow this with a foliar spray and soil drench of enhanced Actively Aerated Compost Tea that is brimming with billions of beneficial bacteria, fungi, protozoa and nematodes. These beneficials provide a layer of protection that prevents the growth of pathogens both on foliar surfaces, as well as on the roots.

Our Plant & Soil Biotics program also includes an annual comprehensive soil analysis to be sure that the soil beds are providing your plants with all their chemical and biological needs.

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Deep Root Fertilization for Trees & Shrubs

Deep root feeding delivers nutrients and beneficial biology directly to the root zone of plants via soil injection. Our custom fertilizer mix is a blend of fish hydrolysate, liquid seaweed, humic acid, actively aerated compost tea, organic macronutrients, essential trace minerals and mutually beneficial mycorrhizal fungi spores.

In addition to supplying nutrients where they are needed most, deep root fertilization helps open up compacted soils allowing oxygen and water to reach the root zone under the canopy area and beyond the drip line.

When soils are disturbed, as in the transplanting process, it takes years for these trees and shrubs to develop a healthy, intricate network of structural and feeder roots. Additional factors like drought, construction, sprinkler installation, soil compaction and grade changes can put a great deal of stress on trees, although it often takes 3-5 years or more before you see the impact on the tree’s health. It takes a tree at least 5 years to recover from a drought, and during that time there are usually several additional drought periods. This is why deep root fertilization of your key landscape trees should be a component of your landscape maintenance program at least every couple of years.

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Compost Tea for Trees & Shrubs

Trees, shrubs and perennials prefer more fungally dominated soils. Forest floors are naturally higher in organic matter composed of decades of decaying leaves and fallen limbs. The trick to helping trees and shrubs thrive in cultivated landscapes is to create that fungal environment. At OPC, we use a different “recipe” to brew our compost tea for trees and shrubs to contain more fungal hyphae, which we verify by one of our technicians each morning via microscope.

Regular applications of aerobic compost tea increases the diversity and populations of beneficial bacteria and fungi in the soil. This, in turn, helps suppress disease in your plants by stopping harmful pathogens from attacking the leaf surfaces.

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We also recommend applying a layer of mulch under the drip line of trees and shrubs. Aged, un-dyed, brown organic materials promote the growth of beneficial fungi. Besides supporting a healthy fungal soil environment, it looks attractive, suppresses weed growth and minimizes soil compaction. You can learn more about proper mulching here.