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Every few years, it’s important to perform a quality soil testing analysis to determine specific nutrient levels, pH, organic matter percentage, etc., so you’re not just “shooting from the hip.”

The Soil Food Web is a complex food chain that starts with the plant and follows the decomposition of organic matter through the nutrient cycling process.

The Soil Food Web is a complex food chain that  follows organic matter through the nutrient cycling process.


“The Law of Return”… In nature, forests build rich dense humus over time and recycle nutrients when they shed their leaves and limbs. 

In nature, trees and other forms of life live in a complex system called the soil food web that leaves little waste. Trees shed their leaves and the decaying litter on the forest floor feeds the young new plants in the following years. Insects thrive on the trees and plants, and in turn, feed other organisms which live and die only to feed whomever’s next  in line along the cycle.

In cultivated landscapes, soil fertility has to be managed. 

Soil Testing

Unlike “dirt”, healthy soil is ALIVE!

Pruning dead or damaged limbs, yard waste, and even selecting which plants (and insects!) all contributes to a loss in diversity and organic material in our soils. In nature, a fallen tree, or insects which feed upon our prized shrubs may be a part of the natural cycle, but in our lawns and plant beds it is not! A soil analysis helps us to learn what we have taken away and how to compensate for this loss.

Sometimes we plant species with “special needs” that our soil lacks, or like our prized azaleas and boxwoods. A soil test helps us determine which supplements are required to help them thrive and shine their brightest.

Comprehensive Soil Analysis & Interpretation – (Chemical Soil Profile)

Soil test

At OPC, establishing the right soil conditions is the first step in any of our programs. We offer a professional 22-point lab analysis of your soil that detects macro and micro- nutrient levels, as well as pH and how much organic mass your soil contains. We pull dozens of soil core samples throughout your property to assure a representative profile. The results provide baseline information and strategies for all aspects of landscape management including fertilization and soil amendment.

Custom Soil Amendment

Based on the lab results soil profile, Organic Plant Care LLC develops a customized blend of organically sourced nutrients to amend any specific deficiencies discovered. Achieving the right soil pH and proper supply and ratio of primary and trace minerals prevents a myriad of problems and helps plants express natural immune capabilities. Unlike chemical based amendments, our organic amendments are often slow release which allows for a less leeching and run-off of nutrients, as well as minimize the danger of burning or overfertilizing your plants, and contribute to the general health of the soil ecosystem in your lawn and plant beds.