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Healthy Soil Means Healthy Plants & People

You’ll hear us use the term “Plant Health Care” or “PHC” a lot. But what does it really mean?

PHC programs take a comprehensive, holistic approach to building plant health. Instead of just looking at individual symptoms, it looks at the landscape as a complete ecosystem – everything is inter-related in some way.

So, rather than treating symptoms, PHC focuses on prevention. Instead of hitting plants with fungicides and antibiotics, PHC builds plant health from the soil up so plants can fend off pests and diseases on their own.

What Does a Good PHC Program Look Like?

A well-developed PHC program takes into consideration the growing conditions surrounding plants and looks for any potential sources of environmental stress.

It includes a detailed soil analysis and then provides soil fertility recommendations and proper cultural practices that will help increase plant vitality and vigor.


Ladybugs eat aphid pests

At Organic Plant Care LLC, our programs work to maintain the natural ecological balance and to stimulate plants’ own immune ability.


Because plants at peak health are better able to withstand environmental stresses and fight off insect and disease pressure naturally. Healthy plants can actually emit signals calling for “help” from beneficial insects (such as ladybugs) when they are being attacked by pests.

Soil Is At The Root Of It All

Plants depend on the soil they grow in to provide the moisture, air, organic matter and nutrients they need to thrive.  That’s why a thorough soil analysis is critical to any Plant Health Care program.

Soil Health = Human Health

Since we depend on the plants we eat and the livestock that grazes on plants for much of our nutrition, it’s easy to see the importance of balanced, nutrient-rich soil.

Over decades of using synthetic chemical fertilizers and pesticides, our soils have become nutritionally depleted and biologically empty, not to mention toxic.

Transitioning back to organic soil management practices with balanced remineralization can restore soil health, plant health and, ultimately, improve human health.

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