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I have been very happy with your service, over the many years I’ve used your company. Your staff is very friendly and so is Bill! I will continue to use your services going forward and have recommended your company to friends.

Tracy Puzino

It's Time To Go Organic!

Eastern Pennsylvania Organic Lawn Care At Its Best!

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Get a Lawn You Love WITHOUT Toxic Chemicals

Does your lawn look like this?

  • Too many weeds
  • Bare spots
  • Yellowing or dying grass
  • Thin, spindly grass


The best, natural defense against weeds is to grow dense, lush grass.  The more healthy grass you have, the fewer broadleaf weeds can grow in your lawn. And the best way to grow great grass and get a beautiful lawn is to use organic lawn fertilizers and treatments.

Our high-quality organic lawn fertilizer is formulated specifically for Pennsylvania lawn grasses.

Instead of a quick hit of synthetic chemicals that need frequent re-application, our slow-release organic fertilizer provides everything your lawn needs to prepare it for our hot summers and cold winters here in Pennsylvania.

As Pennsylvania-based organic practitioners, we take a safe, environmentally-friendly approach to the care of your lawn and our community.

We don’t use toxic chemicals.

We have proven results - lush, dense lawns that are beautiful, safe & organic!


We provide expert organic lawn services for Bucks County in Pennsylvania


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About Our Organic Lawn Programs

All of our lawn care programs begin with a comprehensive soil analysis.

  • Before we can provide a proposal, we conduct a thorough soil test & interpretation
  • Cost of the soil test: $100
  • Your proposal will be based on the findings from the soil test and analysis
  • Your soil test investment is refunded if you choose to accept the program quoted in our proposal

Each lawn is different.

Treating them with a one-size-fits-all fertilizer does not take into account the individual needs of each lawn and can even damage the turf. 


What 100% Organic Lawn Care Costs

In general, a 100% organic lawn care program will run about $0.10 per square foot.

Here's why ...

  • We use only tested and proven organic materials in our 100% organic lawn care program
  • We do not use "bridge products" (this involves adding synthetic chemicals to an organic fertilizer to increase nitrogen levels)
  • We do not cut corners by using less than the recommended amount of organic materials - you will always get the amount specified by the soil test results
  • Our equipment is used ONLY for organic treatments so there is no contamination of your lawn with synthetic compounds

If budget is an issue ...

We also offer an Organic Base Lawn Care Program. While it is almost entirely organic, it includes a non-organic "rescue" treatment to control excessive weeds and uses urea as a non-organic nitrogen source that's added to the organic fertilizer to bring down the overall cost of the program. 

Give us a call at 908-309-6611 to discuss your lawn care options.

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"We've used a variety of services from Organic Plant Care over the past 8 years and I highly recommend them! ... The compost tea treatment completely transformed our dried up lawn into a thing of beauty. The work from Organic Plant Care has been top-notch."

Jennifer Wlos Fasciano


We're proud to provide high-quality organic lawn care services for Bucks County in Pennsylvania.

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