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Organic Landscaping for a beautiful chemical-free lawn

Organic Landscaping for a
beautiful chemical-free lawn

Organic Landscaping requires organic land care professionals – experts are well trained and committed to:

  • Maintaining soil health;
  • Eliminating the use of synthetic pesticides and synthetic fertilizers;
  • Increasing landscape diversity;
  • Improving the health and well being of the people and web of life in our care.

How you can use organic landscaping to improve your lawn:

  • Use organic/biological vs. synthetic pesticides, including insecticides, fungicides and herbicides;
  • Use slow-release organic fertilizers;
  • Avoid use of genetically engineered organisms;
  • Build healthy soil that can support diverse soil life as well as strong growth of healthy grass;
  • Use good cultural practices to encourage the growth of healthy grass and reduce the need for irrigation and other inputs;
  • Increase diversity of plant cultivars and species where appropriate.  This invites beneficial insects and predators, which help keep ecological balance in your landscape.

Every Yard Makes a Difference: Choose to keep synthetic pesticides and fertilizers off your lawn and gardens. Organic Landscaping not only safely improves your personal surroundings, it makes a positive contribution to our environment.