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Organic Green-Up™ Fertilization – 3 annual applications

Grass needs nitrogen annually, as well as a balanced supply of other nutrients in order to thrive. Our high quality organic fertilizer and lawn fertilization supplies those needs in a slow release manner, providing steady availability of nutrients versus spoon-fed, quick release synthetic fertilizers. Our program includes an application in early spring, early summer and early fall.

Compost Tea Service for Lawn Fertilization – 3 annual applications

We recommend that each granular fertilizer application should be “watered in” with an application of actively aerated compost tea. Compost tea helps build necessary bacteria, fungi and protozoa populations in the soil, especially lacking in transitioning lawns. Active, diverse soil biology plus a supply of organic nutrients is the formula leading to the establishment of nutrient and nitrogen cycling. Once achieved, nitrogen cycling, the ultimate goal in our organic programs, over time helps reduce the need for and cost of external fertilizer inputs.

The microscopic food chain begins with bacteria breaking down organic matter and nutrients, protozoa then consuming the bacteria, and in the process nitrogen is released into the soil for plants to consume. We brew our compost tea for lawns specifically to be more bacterially dominant (versus fungal dominant) to provide the biology that’s most conducive for grass.  Our compost tea applications follow the fertilization schedule above.

We have proven results: lush, dense lawns that are beautiful, safe & organic!  


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