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We’ve joined forces with SavATree!

I’ve got some big news! I’m excited to share that Organic Plant Care has teamed up with SavATree, a national leader in tree, shrub, and lawn care. This new partnership allows us to expand our services using industry-leading, science-backed programs to keep your property healthy, beautiful, and thriving. As we work to expand our offerings,…

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A pair of hands wring a porous bag of compost into a compost tea bucket full of brown, nutrient-rich water.

What Are Compost Teas and How Can They Benefit Pennsylvania Trees?

Discover the magic of compost teas! Learn how this organic concoction can boost the health and growth of Pennsylvania’s majestic trees.

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A northern cardinal rests on a branch in front of ornamental grasses covered with snow.

7 Ways Your NJ or PA Property Can Help Non-Migrating Birds in the Winter

Some birds migrate south for the winter, but others stay in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and other northern states. Learn how you can help our feathered friends weather the cold by maintaining a property that benefits non-migrating birds and other wildlife.

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Three red ladybugs with black spots crawl on a crooked tree branch among white apple blossoms.

5 Beneficial Insects That Control Pests Organically

Discover five insect allies that can protect your New Jersey and Pennsylvania plants organically! Learn about these amazing beneficials now.

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A green boxwood shrub with leaves displaying yellowing and the distinctive “cupping” associated with a boxwood psyllid infestation.

Boxwood Psyllids: Recognizing and Controlling an Infestation

Are your boxwood’s leaves yellowing and curling? It could be due to an infestation of boxwood psyllids, an insect pest that’s prevalent in NJ and PA. Learn how to identify, treat, and prevent damage from this boxwood pest.

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A honeybee pollinates an orange cornflower or Rudbeckie fulgida.

Benefits of Honeybees in an Organic Landscape

We count on honeybees to pollinate our crops and provide us with honey and other products. Unfortunately, their populations are under threat. However, saving this helpful bee is easier than you might think.

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Spider mites and webs on a plant's leaves.

Are Your Plants Suffering From Spider Mites Infestation?

Spider mite is a pest that is so tiny that it’s hard to spot, but one that can cause a lot of damage to your trees and plants. Read this article to learn if your plants are suffering from this tiny pest.

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Close-up of the red berries of the invasive Japanese honeysuckle vine.

Problem Plants to Avoid Planting

When choosing trees, plants, and shrubs for your New Jersey or Pennsylvania property, there are a few categories of flora that you should never choose from: those that are considered invasive, are classified as a noxious weed, or are non-native and not suited for our area or climate.

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Wildlife prints in the snow lead towards a forest.

Identifying Wildlife Prints in Snow

Wild animal prints in snow is a sign of a healthy ecosystem. Read here to learn how to identify wild animal tracks that visited your property.

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A sod webworm moth rests on a green leaf.

Are Sod Webworm Moths Ruining Your Lawn?

Sod webworm is a destructive pest in your lawn. Take a closer look if you notice brown patches in your grass it might not just a simple patch caused by dog urine. Here’s how you can determine if the damage is caused by sod webworm pest or others.

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Weeds growing in a green lawn in New Jersey or Pennsylvania

How to Control Lawn Weeds Organically

Lawn weeds are indicators of soil conditions, nutrient problems, and poor cultural practices. If you look closely, there are likely many different species of weeds that are now actively growing in your lawn, each telling you something specific/different. Here are some of the key things to look for and address.

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A young, black dog and a boy play in a yard filled with green grass and trees.

8 Ways to Create a Pet-Friendly Yard

These tips will help you keep your pets safe from harmful and toxic plants, chemicals, landscape materials, wildlife, and other hazards on your property.

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tall fescue lawn

What’s the Best Lawn Grass for Central NJ and Eastern PA?

For all-round performance, we recommend tall fescue (Festuca arundinacea) as the best lawn grass for homeowners in eastern Pennsylvania and central New Jersey. This cool-season lawn grass is quick to establish and easy to grow in our area, and no other lawn grasses for the region can compete with its adaptability and resilience.

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Derrick Henke CTSP

Organic Plant Care, LLC Employee Gains Certified Treecare Safety Professional Status

We are proud to announce that Derrick Hanke recently completed the Certified Treecare Safety Professional (CTSP) program offered by the Tree Care Industry Association. Here’s what that means for our customers…

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Will Rock Salt or Ice Melt Harm My Plants?

Rock salt and ice melt are commonly used in NJ & PA during the winter. Unfortunately, these products do untold damage to our properties, the local ecosystem, and our pets and plants. Here are our suggestions for dealing with snow and ice without using salt.

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Frost on green grass with a variety of trees in the background.

Winter Lawn Damage FAQs

Learn what causes winter lawn damage in NJ & PA and how to prevent it for a better-looking lawn next spring.

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Autumn Shrub Care: Protect Your Shrubs Before Winter Arrives

Many shrubs, especially broadleaf evergreens like hollies, boxwood, laurels and rhododendrons, can be easily damaged by brutal winter weather. Instead of lush green leaves, you end up with crispy brown ones. So we’re sharing these autumn shrub care tips to help you protect your valuable shrubs from severe winter conditions.

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A sprinkler spurts up a cone of water on a healthy green lawn with other green plants in the background.

Summer Lawn Watering Tips for New Jersey And Pennsylvania

Homeowners often water their lawns incorrectly in summer, causing lasting damage. Follow these summer lawn watering guidelines to help your turfgrass to stay green and vigorous until cooler temperatures arrive in fall. Plus, learn how to help it recover from summer damage.

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Japanese beetles

Organic Control of Japanese Beetles & White Grubs in Your NJ Landscape

Do the leaves on your shrubs and trees look like lace? If so, they’ve probably been attacked by Japanese beetles. Are brown patches appearing in your lawn? It could be grubs – the immature form of Japanese beetles. Learn how to control both to minimize the damage safely, effectively and organically.

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Are Chinch Bugs Damaging Your Lawn? Signs, Treatment & Prevention

If dead patches appear in your lawn this summer, it might be a chinch bug infestation. Here’s how to get rid of this destructive lawn pest and stop it from killing your lawn.

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