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Hazardous Tree Assessment To Keep You Safe

hazardous tree assessment

Structurally dangerous V-crotch

Without proper care, hazardous trees can cause thousands of dollars in damage to your home. Every 2-4 years we recommend having the valuable trees in your landscape inspected by a professional arborist. Our arborists and certified tree experts are trained to detect signs of insect damage, disease, and environmental stress, and to identify potentially dangerous structural defects. Organic Plant Care LLC will provide you with a detailed report of findings and recommended action plan, if warranted.

Our tree experts will examine your trees and provide you with a written hazardous tree assessment that details any structural or disease problems. Instead of removing potentially dangerous trees, we are often able to install cabling and bracing to support weak main crotches or defects so that you will be able to enjoy your mature trees for many years to come.

Contact us today to have a qualified arborist examine the health and structural integrity of the mature trees on your property.