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Cabling & Bracing To Support Your Tree

Organic Plant Care LLC is a full service tree care company with more than 75 years of combined  experience.  We have Certified Tree Experts, Certified Arborists and NJ Approved Foresters that are trained to detect signs of insect damage, disease, and environmental stress, as well as to identify potentially dangerous structural defects.  Every 2-4 years we recommend having the valuable trees in your landscape inspected by a professional arborist.  At OPC, we will provide you with a detailed report of our findings and a recommended action plan, if warranted.  Often, proper pruning, fertilization or cabling/bracing can help extend the life of important landscape trees.

Cabling & Bracingcablingandbracing

Cabling and bracing are techniques used by arborists to help support structural weaknesses that may develop or exist in trees. V-shaped crotches at the intersection of primary limbs are typically weaker and have the potential to split during high winds and in violent weather. When structural issues are identified, we may recommend installing a high strength tensile steel cable in the upper crown of the tree to reduce the risk of splitting and storm damage. Our arborists use proper materials and techniques that conform to all professional ANSI industry standards.

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